Aircraft interior design has grown from a niche to a full-blown industry. Here’s a look at the latest interior design trends and influences in the private jet sector, from Qsuites to smart taps and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Latest private jet interior design trends

Aircraft interior design has grown from a niche to a full-blown industry. Here’s a look at the latest interior design trends and influences in the private jet sector, from Qsuites to smart taps and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Award-winning 2018 trends

The prestigious Crystal Cabin Awards, which celebrate the top innovations in cabin design and technology, are a good indication of the latest private jet interior design trends. The winners of 2018’s awards include everything from luxurious double beds to smart faucets and heated floor panels. Here’s a look at the eight winners:

  • Qsuite – London designers PriestmanGoode have created the industry’s first lay-flat double bed in business class. TV screens can also be moved to create a private suite for up to four passengers. Qsuites are currently being retrofitted into Qatar Airways’ fleet of Boeing 777s.
  • E-tom Smart Faucet – This water atomization concept was developed by researchers at Cranfield University. The smart tap uses less water to save on jet fuel costs, cleans and unblocks itself and has a charcoal filter.
  • 3D SeatMapVR – Spanish software developer Renacens Sistemas SL has designed a virtual map which gives customers a 360-degree view of the cabin from their chosen seat when booking a flight.
  • Valkyrie Bed – This new business class bed design by Rockwell Collins features a reclining seat and a full-size roll-up mattress that can be pulled out from the wall panel.
  • Bluebox Aviation Systems – Designed in cooperation with Virgin Atlantic and Guide Dogs for the Blind, this technological innovation provides on-board entertainment for visually impaired passengers.
  • Silhouette Move – Rockwell Collins’ second winning design is a flexible partition that utilizes unused areas between cabin dividers and seats, providing an extra cubic foot of space for bags or legroom.
  • LiteHeat IHP – This hard-wearing heated floor panel, designed by Villinger, can withstand the pressures of cabin flooring and features state-of-the-art coating technology to warm the jet.
  • Info-Panel – Airbus and Altran created this cutting-edge information panel, which displays safety and flight information using super-light printed electric technology.

Runners-up include noise-absorbing headrests, virtual reality glasses and the first ever onboard urinal. For the full list of winners, check out the Crystal Cabin Awards website.

Top private jet interior designers

Private jet designs are becoming ever-more spectacular, along with new innovations in materials and technology. Today’s jets boast modern features such as sound insulation, ergonomic seats with massage functions, galleys equipped to cook gourmet food, specialized lighting and fully-equipped bathrooms with stand-up showers and heated marble floors.

Private jet clients can choose from materials such as fine leathers, woods and hand-stitched carpets, as well as luxurious fittings like chandeliers and aquariums. Some private jet customers have even been known to order cinemas and spas or install expensive defense systems. Let’s take a look at some of today’s top private jet interior designers and their impressive creations:

Jay Beever’s five Embraer Lineage 1000E designs

A lavish private plane interior with designer seating, lighting and dividers
A lavish private plane interior with designer seating, lighting and dividers

Embraer designer Jay Beever created five unique designs for the Lineage 1000E, which were unveiled in 2017. The most impressive is the Airship Kyoto, which cost $53 million and features door-sized windows and skylights for panoramic views. The Manhattan has a 1930s art deco design theme with mahogany, brass and leather accents, and features a mural of the Manhattan skyline and a Cloud Lounge bar inspired by the Chrysler Building.

The Skyacht One is inspired by super-yachts and the TV show Thunderbirds, boasting cream and teak shades with brass, wood, and leather. Passengers can enjoy a dining room and bar-lounge, a bedroom with en-suite and customizable furnishings. The Hollywood model is influenced by 1930s Hollywood and features chrome touches, metallic upholstery, backlit crystal sculptures and leather artwork.

Finally, Skyranch One is based on America’s open spaces and has a Wild West feel with a bleached wood bar, horn-rimmed windows, and cream and tan hand-stitched leather seats. Interchangeable elements allow spaces to be reconfigured into dining areas, boardrooms, bars or living rooms.

Boeing Dreamliners by Stephen Veller and Greenpoint

The Boeing 787-8 BBJ was the first custom-designed private Dreamliner jet, made for China’s HNA Group in 2016. The 2,400 square-foot interior took two years to design and has a lounge, meeting area, guest cabin for 18 people and five bathrooms. Its crowning glory is a sound-proofed master suite boasting a king bed, dressing room and ensuite with heated marble floors and double shower. The jet cost $325 million to build and was designed by Stephen Veller, CEO of Kestrel Aviation Management.

The previous Dreamliner Azure 787-9 model, created by Greenpoint, is almost as magnificent. Picture a spa room and exercise area, a marble wall in the bedroom and partitions to create a dining room, entertainment area and bar. Greenpoint also designed the 450-seater Boeing 747-8, costing $358 million, which has gold and lacquered wood accents, a media room, office, dining room, master suite and guest bedroom.

Car, hotel and yacht designs that influence private jets

A private jet and a convertible sports car next to each other on a runway
A private jet and a convertible sports car next to each other on a runway

Car, hotel and yacht designers are using their experience of furnishing tight spaces with weight constraints to create world-class private jet interiors, including:

  • Mercedes Benz worked with Lufthansa to create private jet interiors for the Eurocopter EC145, which resembles the luxurious look and feel of a Mercedes car. BMW, Porche Design Studio and Ferrari have also worked on private jet designs.
  • Andrew Winch, a London-based design studio specializing in yachts, worked on Project Mayfair to create Boeing Business and Airbus jet designs based on London hotels. The finished interiors had a penthouse feel with bar areas, lounges, en-suite master bedrooms and dining areas, while materials and furniture could be customized to suit client tastes.
  • Italian fashion house Versace, famous for its clothing and hotel interiors, worked with TAG Group to redesign an Airbus A319 in chic black, white, and grey art deco style.
  • As well as its award-winning Qsuite, specialist yacht designer PriestmanGoode has collaborated with Embraer to design its Lineage 1000 series. The jets feature five spacious zones including a stateroom, bar and double bedroom with ensuite shower. The company has also worked with Swiss Airlines, Korean Airways, Qatar and United Airlines on innovations such as illuminated cocktail trays and ergonomic first-class seats.
  • Interior design firm Edése Doret of New York has designed a unique Airbus A380 with a Jacuzzi, spiral staircase and desert tent-style lounge.

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