• Flight Representation: Our charter experts can assist on the ground to ensure all aspects of your commercial or personal cargo charter run smoothly.
  • Access to More Airports: We can charter small cargo helicopters and small cargo planes to land in under-serviced locations, saving you time and money by delivering your cargo closer to its final destination.
  • Experience & Expertise: Our skilled air courier brokers are highly trained to manage your cargo charter flight from start to finish.
  • Global Coverage: Wherever your cargo is flying from/to, our international network of offices work together to offer local knowledge on a global scale. We can transport your air cargo in Canada or elsewhere to wherever it needs to go.
  • Cost Efficiency: Our buying power and reputation are unrivalled by other air cargo carriers. We’ll find you the best cargo charter prices, ensuring you always receive the most cost-effective solution.
  • Choice of Aircraft: With access to over 50,000 aircraft from a range of air cargo operators, we’ll always source the right make and model for your air freight or cargo.
  • Personal Account Manager: Your dedicated charter expert will be available 24/7 to assist with any queries you may have.


Do you only offer full charters?

No. Where a full charter isn’t the best option, we can offer a part-charter. As well as this, via our in-house team, we can offer hand-carries / on board couriers, customs clearance and trucking services to connect to and from the airport.

Will other cargo be onboard?

As our full charters are bespoke, it is very unlikely that there would be other cargo onboard. Should you require that no other cargo is onboard, please make your broker aware.

What does the price include?

As the very minimum, our quoted price will always include the aircraft, crew, fuel, ground handling and aircraft insurance. Full details of inclusions/exclusions can vary from charter to charter and will be made clear on your quotation.

Is it possible to move live animals on a charter?

Yes. We regularly fly animals on board charters – from pets on a private jet to a herd of cattle on a dedicated cargo charter. Please see below for more information.

What are royalty and non objection fees?

These are fees charged by either the civil aviation authority or a domestic airline in the course of securing traffic rights for a specific country. They are not charged by all countries and if they are likely to appear as an extra charge your broker will make you aware in case your charter is flying to or from a country where royalties could be applicable.

How do I know the aircraft I charter is fully insured and airworthy?

ACS has an in-house compliance team, who hold on file the third party insurance certificate and air operators certificate (AOC) of every airline that ACS uses for its charters.

As well as this, the sales team use a custom-built system that alerts them before an offer is made to a client in any case where the aircraft is missing documents, or if they have expired.

Are cargo attendants permitted to travel onboard charters?

In general, yes they are. However, this is always subject to the approval of the airline.

Should you require a cargo attendant to accompany your cargo, please talk to your broker and they can check with the airline – or find an alternative charter option that facilitates your needs.

Can you help with trucking / customs?

ACS has two dedicated trucking teams located in Germany and the United States that can assist with arranging ground transportation on either end of the charter. ACS is not a customs broker, however we have agents all over the world that we can rely on to assist with the customs process and we are happy to introduce our clients to these agents when needed.

Is there a limit on what you can fly?

Each charter request is considered on an individual basis and our brokers work as consultants to find a tailored solution to every project. When there is more cargo available than what can load on a single aircraft, our brokers will source multiple aircraft to get the job done. We’re also able to help with extremely heavy, and outsize cargo. More info here: https://www.aircharterservice.ca/cargo-charter/heavy-outsize-cargo

What is the minimum weight?

There is no minimum weight requirements when booking a charter as we are arranging a tailored solution specifically for your cargo.

Are charter flights trackable?

Yes. ACS has two 24 hour staffed operations teams located in the United Kingdom and the United States who will send live updates throughout the entire process of each flight. Our teams utilize multiple sources for tracking aircraft, which show the movements in real time so that we can provide quick and accurate updates to our clients.


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