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What to wear on a private jet charter

Air Charter Service sits down with Nicole Pollard Bayme, stylist to Royals and celebrities, to talk private jet style. Plus Nicole’s top 10 picks for your upcoming flight.

So, let’s jump right in! What should a person wear on a private jet?
When you’re in your own jet it’s an extension of home, so you should dress how you’d feel most comfortable relaxing in your living room. But if you’re invited onto a private jet, say by a friend or business associate, I always advise that you dress as if you were invited to that person’s home or office. But on a personal note, I miss the glamour and romance of aviation’s glory years! There is nothing wrong with dressing up to travel.

And what should never be worn on a private jet?
That’s the beauty of private jets! Nothing is off-limits.

How about accessories, any favourites at the moment?
My clients often carry a big weekend tote for private jet travel. Recently I’ve been buying a lot of the Louis Vuitton/Supreme collaboration duffels for my clients. I pack them with Hermes or Loro Piana cashmere blankets, often monogrammed with the client’s aircraft tail number, and a pair of Tom Ford slippers. I always suggest a pair of big sunglasses, just in case it’s a long flight and my client doesn’t feel like reapplying her makeup.

You do a lot of private jet travel for your business. What do you like to wear?
I love to be cozy yet classic. That way I can walk into any city and look put-together. I tend to wear a pair of Missoni woven harem pants with simple silk camisole, a cashmere sweater and Gucci loafers. I carry cashmere socks in my purse to wear on the flight. I always have a big hat – straw for summer, felt for winter – and my Celine sunglasses.

JF and Jackie Kennedy showing old school jet style
JF and Jackie Kennedy showing old school jet style
Michelle Obama nailing private jet chic
Michelle Obama nailing private jet chic

Who really typifies private jet elegance for you?
Of all the women I’ve seen stepping off a private jet, I think Michelle Obama nailed it.

What’s your best private jet travel memory?
I’ve been lucky enough to design the interiors of several of my clients’ jets. They’re such fun projects. I often work on the jet for months and then don’t see it again, so when a client offered to fly me back to LA after Paris Fashion Week, on a jet I’d styled, it was quite the thrill!

What's the main priority when selecting your private jet travel outfit as compared to flying on a commercial airliner?
It’s much easier to change outfits when you fly private. For my clients I often pack an outfit for the plane, and an outfit to exit the plane. The best part about flying private is you lack the normal exhaustion associated with commercial travel. Since my clients are rested when they travel private, they can get straight off the plane and do whatever they’re doing. Since there’s no need to go straight to the hotel for a nap, I dress them for whatever the occasion brings!

Nicole’s picks: Six must-have products for your flight

Philippe Patek watch and LV London guide and Charlotte Olympia eye mask and LV Hong Kong Guide
Philippe Patek watch and LV London guide and Charlotte Olympia eye mask and LV Hong Kong Guide

For him: A Patek Philippe 5130 [“Complications”] Watch, it can tell you the time in every major city.
For her: A comfy Dusana suede-trimmed merino wool and cashmere-blend cape, and Pepita cashmere and silk-blend track pants, both from The Row.
Something fun: This playful Cat Nap travel slipper, eye mask and pouch set, from Charlotte Olympia.
A must-have: A Hermes Traveler pure cashmere handwoven travel blanket and case - so cosy!
A gift for the host: A handsome Louis Vuitton guide to the city you are flying into.
Something to pass the time: A set of gorgeous Parade playing cards from Hermes.

If you have a trip coming up, why not charter a private jet? ACS will handle all arrangements, leaving you free to focus on mastering private jet style.

Cat Nap eye mask photo courtesy of Charlotte Olympia.

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