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Seemingly cast adrift into what is now the Indian Ocean as the supercontinent of Gondwana broke apart, Madagascar is one of a kind. This vast and sparse country is scattered with wildlife-rich national parks and ever-changing landscapes, making it a hotspot for adventurers, nature lovers and budding anthropologists.

Most visits to Madagascar start and finish in capital city Antananarivo (popularly shortened to Tana), which sits 1,280m above sea level in the Central Highlands. This busy city is full of character with its patchwork of vibrant clifftop and hillside dwellings, lakes, a winding river and rice paddies. It’s also home to a number of cultural gems, such as a 19th-century palace and the film set-esque Ambohimanga, the original royal capital.

It won’t be long before you’re yearning to get out into the wilds. The Central Highlands act as the country’s spine, stretching vertically along the middle of the island. Head south from the capital and you’ll pass through bustling mountain towns, rolling hills and terraced rice fields. Ranomafana National Park covers 161 square miles of tropical rainforest on the highlands’ eastern slopes and is home to 12 species of lemur, the island’s most iconic resident thanks to animated movie Madagascar.

Also easily accessible from the capital is eastern Madagascar. Here you’ll find a few remaining wildlife-rich pockets of rainforest along with the must-visit Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, famous for its rare orchids, lemurs and chameleons. Continue northeast to the coastal city of Toamasina (also known as Tamatave), where you can stroll past stilted Creole houses in the Old Town; while further up the coast, Île Sainte Marie is an unspoilt offshore island where white-sand beaches are dotted with holiday resorts and restaurants.

In the north is a true Madagascan highlight, Masoala National Park, where you’ll find some of the world’s most biodiverse rainforest and three vibrant marine parks. Most people arrive by boat before hiking into the park’s interior along steep, rocky trails to explore the forest – one of Madagascar’s most rewarding adventures. Don’t miss the chance to visit nearby Nosy Mangabe, a tiny forest-cloaked island that’s home to the elusive aye-aye lemur. Madagascar’s most famous tourist destination is the island resort of Nosy Be, which sits off the far northwest coast and remains laidback and undeveloped despite its popularity. Here you can unwind on breathtaking beaches or dive among untouched reefs in search of manta rays, whale sharks and marine turtles.

The landscapes change greatly as you head west or south away from the central region, with swathes of farmland, dry forest, limestone karsts and vast desert lands to explore. The most visited area in the west is Menabe, home to the coastal town of Morondava and the incredible Avenue of the Baobabs. Alongside the lemur, the baobab tree is a Madagascan icon and you can encounter over 20 of these otherworldly giants during an unforgettable day-trip from town. Continue south and you’ll reach the Kirindy Private Reserve, one of the island’s top wildlife destinations.

Many of the island’s largest cities, towns and resorts have an airport, while more remote areas must be reached by road or sometimes by boat. Simply Contact our team and we’ll arrange everything you need to charter a private jet to Madagascar.


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