Charter a private jet to Burning Man Festival in Nevada with Air Charter Service for a truly unique summer celebration.

Charter A Private Jet To Burning Man Festival

Charter a private jet to Burning Man Festival in Nevada with Air Charter Service for a truly unique salute to the summer solstice. Whether you’re travelling for business or for leisure, we’ll help you choose from a variety of popular private planes that suit your needs.

Or, if you require a larger aircraft for a group charter, we have extensive experience in arranging commercial-sized planes for bigger groups. Our dedicated Charter Concepts team can even personalise your charter to your exacting standards, either before departure or whilst on board the aircraft.


About Burning Man Festival

Burning Man began in 1986, when artist Larry Harvey marked the summer solstice by burning an eight-foot wooden man at Baker Beach in San Francisco. A crowd gathered to watch and the annual fire party continued until police banned it four years later. Burning Man relocated to Black Rock Desert in Nevada, where the ceremony has grown from a huddle on the beach into a week-long festival that draws 70,000 free-spirited revellers every year.

For the uninitiated, Burning Man is largely an “anything goes” event guided by 10 principles that reflect the community’s culture of inclusion, decommodification, free expression and respecting the environment. The leading principle, “Immediate Experience”, is described as seeking to overcome barriers to recognise our inner selves and those around us.

The celebration draws devoted “burners” and newcomers from all walks of life, including an adventurous set of celebrities. Unlike most festivals where attendees are there to watch others perform, everyone at Burning Man is an active participant. Costumes are a near-necessity, with an array of flamboyant outfits featuring glitter and extravagant accessories.

Getting to Burning Man Festival

One of Burning Man’s principles is to leave no trace, so you’ll need to bring everything you need and take it away with you after the festival ends. Supplies include two gallons of water per day, a bicycle, food, warm clothes for cold nights, string lights and cooking equipment. Needless to say, you won’t be able to fit all that on a commercial flight.

Instead, charter a private jet – touching down at Reno-Tahoe International Airport – collect your rental RV, and cruise two hours deeper into the desert, allowing yourself to be swept up in this world-famous cyclone of cultural celebration and artistic expression.


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